Top 5 Ways to Generate Reviews on Amazon

Top 5 Ways to Generate Reviews on Amazon When a customer is looking to do an online purchase, the two things that are going to impact the perspective sale is images and positive reviews, the more reviews the more confident they can feel in their purchase. But how do you encourage buyers to write a…

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How Having a Shopify Website Can Help Your Amazon Sales

Why should I have a Shopify account if I am selling on Amazon? Shopify is a cloud based multichannel platform and usually offers a free trail to start off. Having a Shopify account linked to Amazon can boost sales on Amazon products and helps with brand awareness. When you have brand awareness on Amazon, customers…

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The Major Differences between Vendor Central and Seller Central


Deciding to become a seller on Amazon can be one of the biggest decision made for your business. Although the decision may not be as easy as yes or no, there are a few things to consider. Amazon offers two platforms for sellers to enroll in, Seller Central and Vendor Central. These two platforms allow…

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5 Ways to Grow your Product Organically on Amazon

5 star

Amazon is a great place to sell your product, but it will come with a little work. We’ve put together a list of 5 ways that you can grow your products organically on Amazon. If each of these is carefully executed, you will likely see success with your business. Amazon’s A9 algorithm strategically places sellers…

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Why Brand Registry is Crucial to Your Success on Amazon

Amazon Seller Brand Registry

Building your brand on Amazon is a lot like ruling a kingdom. You want to protect your brand like other sellers are competing claimants for succession on the Iron Thone of the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is coming, and to protect your brand it is crucial to have Brand Registry. What is Brand Registry? Brand Registry…

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