5 Predictions Selling On Amazon in 2021

The ever-changing landscape of online shopping has yet to show any signs of slowing. For those who are currently selling on Amazon, you are well aware of the constant changes and trends that we encounter every day. 2020 has shown us what a relentless and competitive marketplace Amazon can be. As we wrap up one of the most exhausting years to date, we look ahead to prepare for 2021 and take a look at what Amazon says will be crucial to your success.

Predictions for 2021 on Amazon are widely anticipated and eagerly awaited. Here is what to expect.

  1. More Brand Registry Features

    Registering your brand may in fact be one of the most important steps to protecting yourself on Amazon. Protection from counterfeit products, hijackers, and any other external threats to your brand and product pages is ensured when you register your brand. Currently, this level of protection is largely focused on large brands, and the smaller shops are left more vulnerable to threats. As we approach 2021, new Brand registry features rolling out may include additions to your A+ content with video and enhanced modules. Advertising Campaigns will also see large upgraded options when it comes to video capability, largely within your Sponsored Brand ads, driving traffic to your Brand Store you will see higher quality content.  With the push to keep brands protected as well as allow them to build their brand on-site, you can expect the brand registry to become a vital step in your success in 2021.protection
  2. Expanded Video Content

    As we mentioned briefly above, we expect to see a large push for video content in all aspects of your Product Pages, A+ Content, Store, and Advertisements. Amazon has made a point of saying “Videos sell products” and there is a strong case to this being true, as Sponsored Brand Video ads show strong performance, Videos on your PDPs increase conversion and a video in your brand store lets the consumer visualize how the product can be used in their daily routine. A 30-second video can explain the features, benefits and show the intended uses of the item, without requiring the viewer to click more than once. The easier you can make it for the consumer to educate themselves about your product, the more likely you will be able to tell your story and convert the sale. Expect to see video content options on Mobile and Desktop showing up much more frequently.
  3. Amazons Continued Growth 

    One of the strongest perditions we can make in 2021, is that Amazon will continue to grow. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that at any given moment online shopping can be our only option. 95 million people have Amazon Prime memberships in the US with $1.4K being the average spent by Amazon Prime members each year. Those numbers are astounding when considering that Amazon sells more than 12 million products. We expect to see growth in the number of sellers, which will create an even more competitive landscape as well as growth in Prime Members. We expect to see a gradual growth in shoppers that come to look for tech, non-essentials, and home goods. Although grocery items, pharmacy, and other more urgent items we expect to see a similar trend of in-person shopping to continue into 2021.

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  4. Improved Ad Features And Targeting Options 

    With the constant growth of Amazon, we know it will take a little more effort to get your product in front of your audience. With this in mind, Amazon is rolling out some new advertising options and targeting techniques. What we expect to see is Amazon adding new reports so that sellers will be able to take their data and learn from it, at a higher level than ever before. This will allow sellers to become much more efficient in their AMS spending as well as fine-tune their audience with ease. On the targeting side, we expect to see Amazon start allowing us to target by a goal. This means we will be able to launch a campaign with the intent to “grow brand store followers” or “Build Brand Awareness” or simply “increase conversions” and this will allow us to measure success and allocate our spending and effort to much more strategic and tactical goals.
  5. Added Support For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

    No matter the size of your operation, 2021 is the year for you to shine. Amazon is stepping up its efforts to make sure that everyone has a voice. New features like highlighting small businesses on the homepage and drawing attention to small shops within each category are allowing the up and coming sellers the chance to compete in a playing field they most likely were overshadowed by big brands in the past. Amazon will also deploy a new feature that highlights small shops that are located in your area for you to visit and support offline. This push is to give back and help shops that saw economical struggle during 2020 due to COVID-19 closures.

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