5 Ways to Grow your Product Organically on Amazon


  1. Is Your Pricing Right?

    Pricing is vital to the success of your product – too high and you likely will not see the traffic, or conversions that you want. Too low and you will face the challenge of profitability overall. You will need to stay competitive with other sellers in the category selling similar products and stay in the “sweet spot” of margin and cost. Amazon has features in place that will tell you if your pricing is competitive or if there is a “brand health” issue and this will dictate your eligibility for advertising and other crucial features. The cost of your product may not change, but the selling price is something that you can adjust as you see fit. Add a coupon, or a sale for a time period and monitor the performance of your product when prices change.


    2. Quality Content

    Content is what sets your product apart from the rest of the products on site. In a day and age where most consumers are browsing on their cell phones, rather than a desktop. A set of informative and attention grabbing images can be enough to convert that consumer. From High Quality images, to HD Video you can tell your products story easily and effectively. Including assets from your website can be helpful as you create brand credibility and trust. Implementing A+ content and building a brand store can also lead to higher organic growth as well. Investing in lifestyle imagery, as well as video of your product in use can allow your consumer to visualize them using it and lead to a sale.

    3.Build Trust with Reviews

    What better way to decide to buy a product than to see what other people thought of it after purchasing. A review can go a long way to building trust and success. It is said that only 2% of purchasers leave feedback and that makes a good review extremely valuable. Amazon has services that can help you with acquiring reviews, like the Vine program which with a fee will allow your product to be reviewed. Positive reviews serve the greatest value to your business, but even a negative review can offer you insight to where you can improve, which may be equally valuable feedback.

    5 star

    4. Excellent Customer Service Builds Amazon Growth

    With growing success, comes more communication with your consumers. It is important to answer all of the questions you receive in a timely manor as well as respond to all reviews that are left. When a consumer sees a positive review and a personal response from the brand, that helps the conversion rate as well as the confidence in the buyer knowing they are taken care of in the event of an issue. Also, with a negative review all responses are important for the same reasons. If a review notes an issue, this may divert a consumer unless the review has a response that resolves the issue and comforts the consumer you are likely to see more sales come through.

    5. Use the Available BETA’s

    Participating in the available beta programs that amazon has, is a great way to show them you are here to play and want to grow. From Amazon Posts, to different Ad Types and reporting capabilities Betas are a great way to show Amazon that you are willing to “dive in” and give your business every advantage available to you. BETA’s are a testing time with new features, so you will likely benefit from them in other aspects as well. Giving your feedback and providing Amazon with your help will also build your organic success.





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