8 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Selling On Amazon

Selling on Amazon is more complex than just “set it and forget it” there are many factors that go into improving your success. We will go over 8 different factors we believe can affect your Amazon presence the most.

  1. Optimized Product Details for Search

    Making sure that your products are listed correctly, can influence how consumers find them. It is crucial that you include as much information as possible on your product detail page so that all features and benefits are listed correctly. This makes sure that when a consumer types in their search, you’re more likely to show up higher in the results page. Outside of Advertising, this is the best way to increase traffic to your products/
  2. Use Competitive Pricing

    Making sure that your price is right, will help you stay competitive with other sellers. Amazon will recognize your pricing and help push you higher on search results. This is a great way to grow within Amazons algorithm and improve rank and sales on site.
  3. Take Professional Product Images

    Displaying your products in as high quality as possible ensures a strong brand presence. This is important so that when consumers are browsing your product detail pages on mobile or desktop  they can see your products from all angles as well as anything included. A lifestyle image can also increase conversion and views, as it gives the consumer the chance to see themselves using that product.
  4. Consider Using Fulfillment by Amazon

    FBA can make or break the decision by the consumer. Some Amazon users subscribe to Prime and only shop for items that are Prime fulfilled. This means they will get their items in 2 days or fewer and this is appealing to shoppers when looking for a quick delivery. Prime also means free shipping, this entices shoppers to select this item even more.
  5. Make Customer Service a Top Priority

    Showing your customers that you care, can create a strong brand trust. Credibility and ownership over your products performance let’s consumers feel comfortable when purchasing. Handling returns, answering questions and thanking consumers for reviews can build your brand and increase sales.
  6.  Follow Amazon’s Rules

    Amazon has plenty of rules and a strict policy surrounding most procedures. When you follow those rules, you will be rewarded with better placement and search positioning. If your products continually break policy and rules, you will be unable to advertise that product and likely will not have an active product detail page.
  7. Leverage Product Reviews to Your Advantage

    Reviews are the best way to show your items are performing well, or if they have issues. When a negative review is given, you can address this and correct it with contacting that consumer. When a positive review is given, you can use this to your advantage by adding this to the PDP or A+ content showing others that this product earned a high review.
  8. Integrate Amazon with Your Other Systems

    Drive traffic to your Amazon store from other website and other social media platforms. Amazon loves to see integrations like this driving shoppers from other sources to theirs. This helps cross sell and increase sales and other KPIs significantly.



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