The Importance of Amazon Product Research

amazon product research

The Importance of Amazon Product Research Today on Amazon, there are over 353 million products available for to purchase on their marketplace. With that amount of products available, how do sellers know which ones they sell are going to be profitable? The use of Amazon product research has been extremely important for third-party sellers to…

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Why Advertising Off Amazon Helps Your Amazon Business

advertising off amazon

46% of product searches begin on Google! What does off-Amazon advertising mean? If you are a savvy Amazon seller, you are familiar with Amazon PPC and on-Amazon promotions like Lightning Deals, Sponsored Products, and Coupons – these are tools that help maximize the sales you get from the potential customers that are already shopping on…

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How Can Social Media Grow Your Amazon Business?

social media to sell on amazon

Amazon is a great place to sell your products, the problem is that Amazon is getting overly crowded and advertising is getting increasingly expensive.  Now more than ever, to get the most out of Amazon, you have to know how to market your business on social media.  In addition to growing brand awareness, bypassing competitors’…

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Should I be using FBM, or FBA on Amazon


Should I be using FBM, or FBA on Amazon? What is Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM)? What is the difference and benefits? It all comes down to shipping. Do you want to send your inventory to Amazon and have them fulfill your orders, or do you want to send it yourself?…

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What is Amazon’s Inventory Performance Index (IPI)?

What is Amazon’s Inventory Performance Index (IPI)? You inventory performance index, or IPI, measures how efficiently you manage your Fulfilled by Amazon inventory. This score is measured by sales, excess inventory, sell-through rate, stranded inventory, and in-stock levels.   Why is having a high IPI score important? When you can manage your inventory efficiently it…

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Why Many Sellers Fail on Amazon

Amazon Fail

Why Many Sellers Fail on Amazon The key to successfully selling on Amazon is educating yourself and using available resources. Amazon is a beast and it is not as easy as listing a product and watching the sales come in. You must educate yourself of how to create effective strategies with advertising management, finances, inventory,…

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Adapt or Die On Amazon

growth, Amazon

Adapt or Die On Amazon In his 2018 testimony before Congress, Mark Zuckerberg famously answered Orrin Hatch’s question about how Facebook is able to be free by saying: “Senator, we sell ads.” And then, you might recall, he smirked. Love him or hate him, that is the truth: Facebook, Google, Instagram–they, and others, are all…

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