How Having a Shopify Website Can Help Your Amazon Sales

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Why should I have a Shopify account if I am selling on Amazon?

Shopify is a cloud based multichannel platform and usually offers a free trail to start off. Having a Shopify account linked to Amazon can boost sales on Amazon products and helps with brand awareness. When you have brand awareness on Amazon, customers will start searching for your brand on social media, Google, Bing and other search engines. When visiting your account, the customer can learn about all your product and have a better understand of who you are as a company.

Amazon Benefits

Because Amazon is the top eCommerce merchant, millions of visitors purchase on Amazon every day. It allows the seller to have access to targeted market research and has algorithms in place to boost conversions. Amazon is consistently doing updates providing more growth opportunities for sellers. There are also several benefits for the customers allowing them to compare a wide range of products. Customer are also loyal to Amazon and will be there first go-to platform when look for online purchases knowing that Amazon has a large focus on a positive customer experience.

Shopify Benefits

It’s easy to build your own website that you can do quickly with theme templates that Shopify offers. You don’t have to have 3rd parties design your website and it is easy for you to maintain it yourself with new products, specials and other updates. Build an email list by having the option to subscribe to a newsletter generating leads of consumers interested in your product. This is great for letting your customers know when you have a new product that is available. Shopify also offers a wide variety of apps to add some functionality to your site. There are lower fees on Shopify that can contribute to a higher margin for your products.

Amazon and Shopify Integration

Shopify announced in 2017 that merchants that are selling USD can integrate their Amazon sales channel into Shopify. This enables Shopify store owners to connect with their Amazon account as well as other sales Channels. This allows store owners to manage their catalog conveniently in one place. To be eligible to connect accounts you must have an active Amazon Professional Seller account, a Shopify account and be selling in USD. Buyers may also start searching for you on Amazon by brand name, because your brand name is unique to you the costs per click for your brand will be very low and gain more organic traffic. Once you build a brand name you can take some sells outside of Amazon and pay smaller fees. Not only can you have a centralized catalog, but Amazon can fulfill the orders from Shopify and provides data from all channels connected instead of pulling data from several sources. If you are only selling on Amazon or Shopify, consider selling on multiple channels and see how they can complement each other, unlock new markets and new audiences.

How To Add and Delete Sales Channels || Shopify Help Center
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