How to Make A Product Retail Ready to Sell on Amazon

Whether you are new to Amazon or an experienced seller, once you are on Amazon’s digital shelf, being retail ready is essential to start driving sales and conversions. Retail readiness is vital for ad campaigns and ensures that you get the best return for your investment in advertising while making your product pages appealing to buyers.

Retail Ready Checklist

  • Product PagesAmazon Retail Ready Checklist
    • 7+ high-quality images & videos
    • Organic ranking optimizations
    • 15+ reviews per product, 3.5+ stars
    • Competitive, dynamic pricing
    • A+ Content
    • Brand Registry & Store Pages
  • Operational Excellence
    • Prompt shipping, confirmations
    • Inventory availability, reliable fulfillment
    • Accessibility to customers
    • Returns & refund handling, customer interactions
    • Tools & technology for forecasting & automation
    • Prime Designation (FBA/SFP)
  • Paid Advertising
    • Full funnel (Awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, brand building)
    • Sponsored Products
    • Sponsored Brands
    • Sponsored Display
    • Programmatic/DSP (Audio/Video/CTV)


How to Make Product Pages Retail Ready

When optimizing your listing, SEO-rich keywords can be placed in your title, bullets, description and backend search terms and subject matter. While also including some language that will influence the buyer.

  • Bullet Points – Have 5 bullet points, and verify that they begin with a capital letter, are a sentence fragment, and do not use end punctuation.
  • Description – Your description is an opportunity to be creative and capture the customer’s imagination, show the usage and benefits of a product.
  • Images – Include clear images, engaging videos, and lifestyle shots, this is also an opportunity for the customer to understand the dimensions and showcase some features/functionality of your item.
  • Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) – Tell a brand story and show what is unique about your brand. It is a clear and conscious way for the customer to understand your product and get them excited about their potential purchase.
  • Ratings & Reviews – Shoppers pay close attention to product ratings as well, work towards a 3.5+ rating or a 4+ rating for a competitive edge. Customer feedback will provide some insight into product adjustment and where to invest your advertising dollars. To be retail ready you will want to have 15 reviews for a product, consider using the Early Reviewer or Vine program to boost reviews.

Operational Excellence

Ensure that you have plenty of inventory and that your product is in stock for the customer. If a seller runs out of stock frequently, it can negatively impact organic ranking. You can monitor your stock on Seller Central and manage fulfillment forecasting. It is important to keep holidays in mind and based on the niche of your product adjust accordingly. Consider using FBA/SFP if you are not already, according to a study, 25 percent of consumers rated Prime as their favorite loyalty program.

Are you winning the Buy Box? If not, you can view who is winning on the product page and evaluate how you can compete. The more buy box wins, the better the overall performance. Not winning the buy box can also impact advertising campaigns running efficiently.


Paid Advertising

Before you launch paid advertisements, be sure that your product is retail ready to ensure that your ad spend is best utilized. Although you may be driving traffic to your product page, you want to showcase your brand and what makes you unique compared to your competition. If your listing is not well organized, it can disappoint a buyer resulting in wasted ad spend and a decline in ranking. Be sure that your product detail page is relevant to result in sales. Verify that you have optimized all listings before putting the spending into advertising to see your best return.

Following the retail-ready checklist can improve rankings in paid and organic, result in conversions, and increase visibility. Well executed product pages result in profitability and better ad investment. Implementing retail readiness, although a lot of work, will prove to be rewarding and valuable to any seller on Amazon.



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