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Programmatic Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)

Programmatic Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) allow us to cast a wide advertising net across various targeted audiences, retail websites, and innovative formats such as video and audio across our connected worlds.  Marketplaces have launched DSPs to retarget consumers who have interacted with your products – and target consumers likely to be interested in your product based on their behaviors.  Additionally, Retail Media DSPs such as Criteo or CitrusAd allow us to tap into website ad inventory for thousands of leading retailers and grocery stores, such as Target, Costco, CVS, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and even Piggly Wiggly!

  • Innovative ad formats and mediums to reach consumers in their environments
  • Premium supply opportunities informed by intelligence
  • Better performance and enhanced insights via connected data on consumer actions
  • Powerful, anonymous segments enriched by authenticated data is replacing cookies
  • Multi-platform activation for the most optimal supply path

How do Programmatic DSPs work?

aiCommerce takes a multi-channel, connected approach to control frequency across channels, centralize performance data to optimize toward the optimal media/format mix, and retarget users with a positive experience. 


To ensure effective targeting, we activate with 1st party data (e.g. segmented email lists, site pixel data, loyalty club purchase data) and expand reach with look-a-like audience matching based on behavioral, geo, or demographic data.  Technology allows us to understand what TV they are watching, through what type of devices, and even if they’ve seen competitive spots – and takes action based on the most efficient and effective appetures to reach that target. 

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Improve your ROI with Programmatic DSPs

DSPs allow a full funnel approach to ROI.  We can aim to increase brand recognition through high impact placements and connected TV or convert interest into retail conversions and ROAS.  We can target lapsed customer segments, retarget site visitors who have abandoned a full cart, or prospect new customers.  Partnerships with data providers allow targeting of competitor purchasers or browsing behaviors. 

Thanks to an onslaught of Smart TVs, mobile devices, OTT streaming services/apps (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Roku), Social Video (YouTube, TikTok), and game consoles, accessing TV content has changed drastically.  Beyond reach and scale, CTV brings strong targeting capabilities and access to younger audiences who do not watch traditional TV.  CTV is also measurable in terms of video completion rate – and some partners have the ability to connect ad viewership to purchases.

Reach potential consumers in screen-free moments such as within a podcast or a Spotify playlist.  A large percentage of digital audio listeners are focused and engaged in the content, and the majority of ads cannot be skipped.

The standard banner ads have come a long way visually, contextually, and in targeting abilities.  Websites and content is curated.  Relevant messaging feels like your phone has been listening or watching your activity.  Offers are relevant and can be enticing to click – or remind you of a purchase journey you were distracted from.  Personalization through Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO).  Guaranteed viewability and brand safe adjacency. 

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