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For over a decade, aiCommerce has empowered brands and manufacturers with online marketplace account management through the synergy of Artificial Intelligence Technology and human expertise. This powerful combination offers a range of solutions and services from strategic Tech-stack audit, marketplace management consulting, to comprehensive automated marketplace management, full-blown online marketing, and Amazon account management services.


We know every business has its own unique set of business strategy and technology requirements. aiCommerce will provide an initial strategy analysis and strategic consulting services for our clients to help them develop and execute a vision for direct to consumer (DTC) selling through marketplace channels.  

We’ll perform a very comprehensive audit of your direct to consumer (DTC) business practices, approaches, and results, as well as a quick diagnostic of your ERP or other business technology solutions within your ecosystem. Once our job is done, we will then provide you with a “blueprint” for your specific needs which could include:

  • Annual Strategy Direction Plan to update the marketplace strategy and technology solution that is cohesive with your existing business strategy and consistent with its SWOT.
  • Annual Operating Plan that optimizes its business practices for each marketplace/sales channel deployment.
  • GTM plan for Amazon Sellers Central (1P), Vendors Central (3p), or Hybrid Amazon Vendor strategy which we will manage and execute.
  • Full blown Amazon Marketing Services Plan
  • Quarterly Progress Report to review progress and update the strategy.



01 / Automate



The first step towards winning on marketplaces is to have a strong operational and technical foundation.  If you are less efficient than your competition, you will not stand a chance.  Amazon has shown how winning is inevitable with operational efficiency, and Bezos often says "their margin is our opportunity".

​aiCommerce helps companies get ahead of their competition operationally by automating their operations.  This improves data visibility, reduces errors, and saves time.  Our automation include:


  • ERP integrations that are superior than our competitors, and allow every data point imaginable to be connected and streamlined.

  • Accounting reconciliation at all levels

  • Product Information Tools that automate feed management and product recommendation.

02 / Expand

Expansion On Marketplaces


A strong operational and technical foundation also enables expansion.  With the proper infrastructure, your company will be positioned to scale responsibly.  aiCommerce helps companies expand:


  • to new marketplaces

  • to new geographies

  • with more SKUs and brands


With hundreds of marketplace and geographical integrations, aiCommerce will help you scale your business by knowing where your potential customers are shopping.

With the sophisticated aiCommerce infrastructure, you will be able to expand the complexity of your business and easily grow SKU count.


03 / Optimize

Superior Technology


By leveraging aiCommerce's strong technology infrastructure, your company will be able to optimize the performance of every SKU on every channel.

Increase revenue:

  • More marketplaces

  • More geographies

  • More SKUS

  • Increased traffic from improved reviews, optimized pricing and ads, and inventory management

Increase Margins:

  • Pricing

  • Competitive Monitoring

  • Demand Forecasting

Reduce your expenses:

  • Freight and Returns Management

  • FBA Refund Management

  • Fraud Protection

  • Predictive Profitability

  • and more ...

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aiCommerce provides a full-blown online store launch and ongoing day-to-day operations. Working with your team, we collaboratively create a marketplace store for you, launch SKUs, assist with pricing/merchandising strategy, help you with digital marketing services, provide ongoing marketplace account management, and 12-month rolling operating plan updates to optimize business on Amazon  as well as various marketplace channels.

Optimized product listings can have a considerable impact on your total Amazon revenue. aiCommerce uses your product assets to optimize both the front-end and back-end of product listings from an Amazon SEO and on-page conversion perspective.

We upgrade listings across Vendor Central. We also use Search Term Reports from Amazon, and other Amazon-specific tools to deliver professional copy and back-end terms for standard product pages, and Enhanced Brand Content.

aiCommerce team help you create standardization across every product, which includes guidelines for images, keywords, bullet points, and conversion-focused copy.

Amazon Vendor Central vs. Seller Central

Looking for Extensive Experience? WE GOT YOU COVERED!

First and foremost, the fundamental difference between Amazon Vendor Central vs. Seller Central is essentially who will be selling your products to consumers. With Vendor Central, Amazon’s retail team buys and resells your products to their customers. 

On the other hand, with Seller Central, you are selling products directly to Amazon’s customers. There are many differences between the two options, so it’s important to fully understand the potential opportunities and drawbacks with each.

The first issue is to have a strong strategy to determine how and when companies should play in these channels.  For many, a hybrid approach is best, which may include multiple brands and channel exclusive SKUs. During annual and quarterly strategy sessions, we review these types of issues to determine the best way for partners to compete at a given time.

In the event it is appropriate to manage Seller Central, aiCommerce uses product data and images from its partner and then manages the account with the following type of activity. 

When you are part of the aiCommerce amazon account you are getting advantage of an aged, trustworthy account with great feedback. 

Want to Sell Popular Items On Amazon?

Leave it to Our Team of Experts.

We'll manage marketing services while you run your operation.  Our team will make sure you get sales, exposure and will be your eCommerce arm of your business.

Our digital marketing team will optimize your products to be found by consumers on marketplaces.  They will then make your product listings stand out from the competition, price to sell, and will help with SEM marketing strategies. 

Marketplace Advertising & Marketing: 

  • Amazon 1P & 3P Marketplace Strategy 
  • Other New Channels Expansion
  • Paid Search & Organic Search
  • Marketplace Rep Management

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