Top 5 Ways to Generate Reviews on Amazon

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Top 5 Ways to Generate Reviews on Amazon

When a customer is looking to do an online purchase, the two things that are going to impact the perspective sale is images and positive reviews, the more reviews the more confident they can feel in their purchase. But how do you encourage buyers to write a review for your product? And how do you do it without flagging Amazon that you are violating their terms of service and hurting your seller account health? We recommend the below 5 tips to generate reviews so your products will be retail ready.

Manually Request Reviews on Amazon

There is always the good ole’ fashioned manual request. The downside is this is very time consuming because you are not able to do requests in bulk but have to go into each individual order and requests a review. For this process your will follow the below steps:

  • Open you Seller Central account
  • Go to Orders and Manage Orders
  • Select Shipped
  • Depending on if you are FBA or FBM, you may have to select to View FBA Orders, View FBM Orders or do requests on both
  • Click the order number
  • Select Request a Review Button
  • If you are outside of the 5-30 days after delivery window or if you have already requested a review, Amazon will let you know that you are unable to do the request. Otherwise select Yes if you are asked to confirm if you would like to request a review.

Amazon Early Review Program

The Early Review Program is a program that is available through Amazon. This program will cost $60 per ASIN that you submit and will usually result in 5 reviews. Amazon will give shoppers an incentive of a $5 Amazon gift card in exchange for a review, but this does not guarantee that the review will be positive. You will not be charged for the ERP until you receive your first review.

Amazon Vine Program

The Amazon Vine Program is only available to sellers that are brand registered and have below 30 reviews. Although there is no fee for the Vine Program, you must be prepared to give away 30 units of inventory. Just like the Early Review Program, you are not guaranteed positive reviews, but these reviewers are vetted by Amazon.

Use Product Inserts

When you sent your products to the buyer you can do an insert card to encourage a review but be cautious that you are not violating Amazon’s terms of service. You can ask for product reviews but must remain neutral to not only encourage a positive review. You can share information about your company or product on the card and even an email for the customer to reach you with any issues. Be sure that you are not offering any incentives like a gift card or free product in exchange for a review.

Connect with a Digital Marketing Agency to Automate

Many Digital Marketing companies have access to software that can enable review automation. For example, automations can be setup to identify when an item is delivered, wait a specified amount of days and then send the review. This takes all the worry out of enrolling in programs or spending the time doing manual requests. Just watch the reviews roll in!

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