Why Advertising Off Amazon Helps Your Amazon Business

46% of product searches begin on Google!

advertising off amazon

What does off-Amazon advertising mean?

If you are a savvy Amazon seller, you are familiar with Amazon PPC and on-Amazon promotions like Lightning Deals, Sponsored Products, and Coupons – these are tools that help maximize the sales you get from the potential customers that are already shopping on Amazon.


Off-Amazon advertising, or external advertising/promotions, is the opposite.  This is where you go off of Amazon to get in front of a new audience that is looking to buy your product, often before your competition does.  Additionally, external advertising will drive external traffic to your desired Amazon page.


Why does driving external traffic to Amazon matter?

Amazon loves external traffic because you help to bring more traffic to their site and rewards sellers (although this is somewhat unproven).  Plus driving traffic to Amazon is a great way for sellers to gain a competitive advantage and attract new customers.  Therefore, a well-executed strategy towards driving external traffic to Amazon can boost traffic, drive sales, improve keyword rankings, get you a Best Seller Ranking, and help you develop long-term relationships with your customers.


Can Anyone Do It?

Yes, and options like Google Ads can be a great evergreen traffic source.  You are not going to need the same kind of constant upkeep as some other types of advertising if you set it up correctly.  And once your ads are setup and optimized, they can essentially run in the background, while you focus on other more important tasks.


Even better, the concepts are quite similar to Amazon PPC, so the learning phase will likely happen pretty quickly.  However, it’s always important to look at your entire advertising strategy as a whole, so make sure you work with your agency if you have one to track performance.  This way you can truly attribute success to the right campaigns, test and then allocate spend to the most effective channels.


What’s the Catch?

Basic Google Ad can be easier to get right for Amazon sellers, because of the similarities to Amazon PPC, or Sponsored Products Ads.  However, there are many other options:


  • Email Campaigns: Sending *relevant email blasts to your existing email lists
  • Organic Social: Posting and managing from your business page across multiple accounts in your authentic brand voice with content that matters to your target customer
  • Paid Social: Ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.
  • Search Network Ads: Advanced Google Ads like Display, Google Shopping, Bing, Yahoo
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization strategies like blog posts and link sharing
  • Affiliate/Influencer Marketing: Partnering with people who have similar audiences to promote your products


With so many ways to drive external traffic, mix, test, and optimize budgets, channels, and creative concepts... campaign management can often become a fulltime job itself.



What’s The Summary?

Social media, Google, and the countless other channels mentioned above are great untapped external traffic sources for many Amazon sellers. If you want to increase your sales but are reaching a plateau on Amazon, try running promotions outside of Amazon.  If you don’t know where to start, reach out to an experienced agency for some help getting started – you’ll be glad you did.