Why Brand Registry is Crucial to Your Success on Amazon

Building your brand on Amazon is a lot like ruling a kingdom. You want to protect your brand like other sellers are competing claimants for succession on the Iron Thone of the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is coming, and to protect your brand it is crucial to have Brand Registry.

Brand Registry is a program that identifies brand owners an Amazon and allows them to have access to enhanced tools and protect content and intellectual property and comes with several advantages compared to non-registered brands. There is also additional support provided from the Brand Registry team to escalate issue in violations, infringement and issues with listings.

  • Access to create A+ content to showcase features and additional information to increase traffic and sales.
  • Enhances tools to monitor your brand
  • Listing content control
  • Access to alternative advertising including Amazon Live
  • Amazon multi-page stores to showcase all your products
  • An internal team for escalations relating to infringement claims and other technical issues
  • Advertising tools grow brand awareness with headlines that include your logo
  • Sponsored displays to connect with customers on and off Amazon
  • Amazon Brand Analytics that provide data to understand customer behavior helping you make strategic decisions
  • Amazon’s Transparency code program
  • Amazon Vine program for increased product reviews
  • Automated protection to proactively remove potential infringement or inaccurate content

To apply you must have a registered trademark, if you do not have a registered trademark it can be a lengthy process. Amazon offers the IP Accelerator that can help you connect with attorney to accelerate the process. Amazon will also approve you before the application is accepted using this process. You will also need to have your brand logo, product packaging images, categories that you are selling in and the countries where your products are manufactured and distributed. Once you have all the required documents, set up your brand registry in Seller Central. Once you have submitted the request, it will take about 2 weeks for Amazon to approve.

It is highly recommended that all brands enroll in brand registry to not only protect your brand, but also to have access to utilize tools that can help grow your brand. Gain peace of mind that you have that extra layer of protection from counterfeiters and increase the value of your business. According to Forbes, conversion rated can jump by 30% or more on listings that have Enhanced Brand Content. Amazon will likely continue to grow new programs that will have additional advantages for those that have brand registry. Brand Registry is like your Night Watch protecting you those pesky White Walkers. If you are building an online empire, you want to be sure to protect it.


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