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Advertising on Marketplaces

As eCommerce experts with decades of combined experience, aiCommerce provides advertising and media management, guaranteeing brand growth and an increase in visibility.  We apply proven process and best-in-class technology to maximize advertising results for our clients, all backed by our 90-day grow-and-know guarantee.

advertising on marketplaces

Why is Advertising on Marketplaces Important?

Now more than ever, marketplace success is predicated on successful advertising strategies.  The days of overnight success are over and brands must prove to both consumers and marketplaces they can sustain sales volume, fulfillment velocity, and positive customer reviews.  Organic visibility is directly correlated to advertising spend on major marketplaces. Beyond kickstarting the growth flywheel, paid ads allow you target keywords, feature new products, and connect with specific audiences.

Benefits of Advertising on Marketplaces

Advertising on marketplaces allows brands to tailor their messaging to a specific segment by allowing them to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, resulting in more effective campaigns.

Advertising on marketplaces is the flywheel of organic growth, meaning revenue growth can be driven through the constant discovery of new customer segments.  By taking advantage of the different ad types marketplaces offer, brand owners can reach customers at all points in the sales funnel and more effectively market to them.

By advertising products or services in a marketplace where customers are already actively looking to make a purchase, businesses can increase the chances of making a sale.

Insert your products into consumers’ consideration set through promoting your product in search results and on competitor’s product pages.

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