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With expertise in digital advertising and experience in launching and running successful Instacart campaigns, aiCommerce can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to help you stay ahead of your competition and find success on Instacart.


Why Should Your Brand Use Instacart?

Instacart’s advertising platform allows brands to reach customers while they shop on the app.  The platform offers a variety of advertising options, including sponsored product listings, in-app banners, and email campaigns.  Brands are able to target specific customers with their advertising to ensure the right customers are receiving the message.  As online grocery shopping has become more popular, Instacart’s advertising platform has taken off and allowed brands to deliver highly relevant ads to their customers.  Instacart provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your products and orders, allowing you to quickly and efficiently get your products in front of customers.  The marketplace has a highly engaged user base, with about 85% of customers using the platform at least once per month, and over 60% using it on a weekly basis.  With such a high level of engagement, brands are able to foster long-term relationships with customers and develop brand loyalty.  The platform also provides a suite of tools and data for analyzing and understanding customer behavior, sales, and how to optimize product offerings.  With secure payment processing and a suite of tools to help you understand consumer behavior, Instacart is a great platform to sell your brand on.

Is Instacart Right for Your Brand?

Instacart advertisers can only reach customers within a certain radius from stores that carry their items.  Instacart is a great place to sell for the following verticals:

Instacart is an online grocery marketplace with a large audience across the United States and Canada.  Brands that offer high-quality food and beverage products will be able to find success on Instacart.

Instacart has a large, engaged audience of health-conscious consumers.  Brands that offer natural or organic foods, supplements, and other health and wellness products will be able to reach a large population of health conscious consumers.

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