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Online Marketplace Strategy & Technology Audit

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Every business has a different eCommerce strategy, marketplace account management plan and Tech-stack requirement. At aiCommerce, we’ll perform a very comprehensive audit of your direct to consumer (DTC) business practices, marketplace approaches, and a quick diagnostic of your Tech-stack/ERP/other technology solutions within your ecosystem.

Once our job is done, we will then provide unbiased advice on marketplace strategy with a “Tech-stack blueprint” based on your specific needs. This audit also allows us to collaborate with our clients to develop a "short-term & long-term" operating/GTM plan and execute accordingly.  

Amazon Marketplace Account Management, Consulting, & Marketing Services


For over a decade, aiCommerce has provided brands and manufacturers a full service Amazon account management, consulting, and marketing services through the synergy of Artificial Intelligence Technology and human expertise.

Our team of experts have helped many clients to create Amazon stores, launch products, provide ongoing day-to-day account management, and 12-month rolling marketplace operating plan updates to optimize business on Amazon as well as other channels.

From SKU selection, brand strategy, competitive analysis, channel strategy, to pricing/merchandising strategy, digital marketing and much more.

Online Marketplace Integration & eCommerce Enablement


The first step towards winning on marketplaces is to have a strong eCommerce operational and technical foundation.  If you are less efficient than your competition, you will not stand a chance.  Amazon has shown how winning is inevitable with operational efficiency, and Bezos often says "their margin is our opportunity".

aiCommerce helps companies get ahead of their competition operationally by selecting the RIGHT technology solutions/ERP system, marketplace integration strategy, Amazon account management, and implementing automated eCommerce capabilities within your business environment.

Sell to every potential customer with AiCommerce Integration

Amazon Marketing Services

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