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Selling on Amazon Marketplace

With an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior, expertise in Amazon advertising, and being an Amazon Verified Partner, aiCommerce has access to Amazon-specific data, tools, and support.  We have extensive knowledge and a proven process across dozens of product categories to ensure your Amazon initiatives enjoy profitable growth.

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Why Should You Sell On Amazon?

With millions of people shopping on Amazon daily, it’s a great opportunity for sellers to reach a wider audience and generate additional sales. Amazon is a trusted brand for consumers, with favorable delivery services, pricing, and return policies. With nearly three million active sellers across ~20 countries, your company and product differentiators needs to stand out with strong positioning and targeted advertising to be successful.

Considerations for Selling on Amazon

There are nearly three million sellers on Amazon Marketplace.  With such a large array of sellers, it can be difficult for new brands to breakthrough and compete with already established brands that have a loyal customer base.

There are many fees and taxes associated with selling on Amazon Marketplace including commissions, referral fees, storage costs, and more that can make it challenging for new sellers to properly market themselves.

Understanding COGS and variable costs to establish holistic goals at the product-level is a key to profitability.

Advertising, coupons, discounts, lighting deals, bundling, and more are levers to increase sales and must be used strategically.

Amazon values a good customer experience, and if your listings are not optimized, converting, shipping on time, or generating reviews, a lack of retail readiness will be costly.

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