Selling on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart has become a powerhouse in online retail, growing and changing its strategy to complement its own massive brick-and-mortar business and compete with online-first retailers like Amazon.


Why Should You Sell on Walmart?

Selling on Walmart Marketplace can give brands access to an audience of over 140 million, backed by Walmart’s well-established and trusted brand.  Walmart provides sellers with data-driven insights and analytics, allowing them to see how their products are performing and make informed decisions about their business, optimize their listings, improve their product offerings, and drive sales.  Walmart offers fulfillment options through its network, including two-day shipping and pickup options, which can help brands save time and resources to provide a more seamless experience for customers.

Is Selling on Walmart Right for You?

Any brand or seller that offers products that are aligned with Walmart’s customer base and values can sell on the Walmart Marketplace.  This includes a wide range of products, from consumer goods and household items to electronics, clothing, and more.


Walmart has strict standards for the products it sells, so it is important for brands and sellers to carefully review these standards before listing their products.  Brands and sellers should also be able to provide high-quality customer service, meet customer demands in a timely manner, and maintain a high level of product quality and safety.


If this sounds like you, Walmart Marketplace is a great place to sell!

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