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With an in-depth understanding of the platform and its capabilities, aiCommerce will help you scale your brand on the Target+ Marketplace.  We will provide the necessary resources to build your brand and establish a presence and competitive edge online.


Why Should You Sell on Target+?

Target+ is an invite-only marketplace for sellers powered by Target.  With a more exclusive model than other marketplaces, brands must be invited and accepted to sell on the marketplace.  The marketplace allows small and medium-sized businesses to reach a wider audience and grow their brand.  Target handles all fulfillment, shipping, and customer service for the products sold on Target+, meaning that sellers do not have to worry about these aspects of the business, allowing them to focus on growing their product line and reaching more customers.  Sellers can also benefit from Target’s marketing and advertising efforts, which can drive more visibility and sales to their products.

Is Selling on Target+ Right for you?

Target+ is a great place to sell for the following verticals:

DTC brands are able to find a lot of success on marketplaces like Target+ because is it mutually beneficial for the brand and for Target.  By bringing in fresh brands, Target can ensure they continue to appeal to new markets.  In addition, Target is already a well-known and respected brand, so for emerging DTC brands, the Target name provides credibility and a level of trustworthiness to the consumer that might not have otherwise been there.

Home goods and decor brands have a lot of success on Target+ because approximately 19% of Target’s net sales come from home goods and decor.  Especially in the last several years, home goods sales have skyrocketed as people have spent more time at home or now work from home, giving them more time and incentive to make changes, renovate, or redecorate.

Fashion and apparel brands also sell well on Target+, accounting for about 17% of Target’s net sales.  By partnering with apparel designers like Sergio Hudson, Kika Vargas, and more, Target has been able to build their credibility in terms of quality fashion.  This will allow growing fashion and apparel brands to emerge successfully, as the existing Target customer base trusts the products that Target sells.

Beauty and personal care products account for approximately 26% of Target’s net sales.  Consumers trust Target to carry quality beauty and personal care brands, making it a great marketplace for growing brands to emerge on, as they will be exposed to a large and dedicated customer base of Target shoppers.

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