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Selling on Target

Target Marketplace is an invitation-only platform. This means that, at the moment, Target+ only offers exclusive partnerships with with select-third party retailers. Target Plus’ goal is to provide its loyal customers with easy access to a broader array of curated products and general merchandise, such as food, furniture, apparel, and household essentials, by partnering with best-in-class specialty and national brands.

Once your business applies and is accepted into the program, you have the opportunity to get your products in front of Target’s massive retail audience online.

This gives ecommerce retailers an opportunity to aggressively grow market share through a top tier third party marketplace.

Target limits the ability to optimize your ads however with a good strategy and with an experienced team you can make your ads more efficient.

Our Target eCommerce experts also offer Marketing Strategy Development services to help you devise the right strategy to establish your digital presence on other online marketplace platforms and get accepted as a partner online Target merchant.

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