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Retail Media Network Advertising

aiCommerce helps retailers increase visibility and revenue through product listing optimization and advertising management, aided by technology partners such as Criteo and CitrusAd.  Retail media is growing, but can be fragmented and difficult to navigate.  We help brands enhance the online shopper experience by selecting and optimizing the most powerful, profitable, and capable RMNs.

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What Are Retail Media Networks?

Retail Media Networks (RMNs) are retailer-owned advertising services that allow manufacturers and brands to purchase targeted ads across their owned assets.  Think of it as an in-store end cap display, but on their website or mobile app.  Retailers have embraced media networks due to the low-cost and high-margin nature; this allows retailers to offer promoted product listings in search results, create featured placement opportunities for increased visibility, and allow advertisers to reach their customers off-platform, through display, video/CTV, and audio audience networks, as available.

Why Are Retail Media Networks important?

  • Connect with your target audience in real-time
  • Increase the chances of making a sale
  • Enhance brand awareness and loyalty
  • Establish your brand as a leader in the industry
  • Differentiate your products from competitors
  • Increased chance of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones
  • Optimize inventory and develop a more efficient inventory management system
  • Ability to personalize marketing deliverables and offers for specific customers
  • Improve audience targeting and identify key demographics
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Analyze customer behavior and preferences
  • Build stronger relationships with customers
  • Improved customer experience with enhanced targeting ability

How Can aiCommerce Help with Retail Media Networks?

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