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Accelerate your brand awareness through amazon post

Posts is a new way to help drive brand and product discovery and consideration with curated lifestyle imagery in a shoppable feed on Amazon

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Amazon Post Services Experience

Reach in-market customers with representation highlighting your brand story and benefits to encourage them to browse your content.

Use lifestyle imagery to teach customers on various ways to use your products and assist them in discovering more of your offerings in your Store.

Posts are a chance to give your brand content on Amazon at no cost, as frequently as you’d like. Posts appear on Amazon in your brand’s feed, on detail pages, in feeds for related products, and in category-based feeds.

About Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts give your brand story to appropriate customers as they scan your categories on Amazon. Customers can click through Posts to search your brand’s feed and build product pages straight from your feed. Click through from your brand’s feed to your product pages. Posts surface on the Amazon mobile shopping app (iOS and Android) and mobile web.

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About Amazon Posts

A new way to engage with your Amazon Audience

Amazon posts give both the shopper and the seller a social media experience with more content and an easier way to shop. If a brand wants to expand its reach, Amazon’s social media marketing solution is a perfect fit. Engage your audience and reach more customers with Amazon new and free social media posting service.

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