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Choosing the Right Keywords to Target for Your Business

choosing the best keywords

Keywords should be the cornerstone of any company’s SEO marketing campaign. The right keyword implementation can result in hundreds or thousands more views on your page. Combined with an engaging landing page, that is an ideal recipe for placing highly on search engine results pages (SERP). But finding the right keywords requires more than simply plugging in popular terms related to your industry. It requires careful thought, research, and an understanding of market trends.

Keyword Analysis

Before you can begin plugging in the best SEO keywords, you need to consider your target market. You want your content to match the potential search results of your ideal customer. For example, let’s say you run a used car dealership, and you want to use keywords to attract new customers in your area. The keyword “Cars” will be useless to you. That just turns up results about the Pixar movie and generic car information. “Used cars” will be slightly better for you. “Used cars near (your location)” will be better, while keywords referencing specific used car models will be the best. The more specifically you can tailor your keywords to your desired user’s search intent, the better.


If you are unsure what the best keywords for you are, you can always conduct some research. There are keyword tools that provide in-depth analysis. But you can also conduct some simple research on your own to get some ideas. Google’s SERPs provide many related and recommended searches for the most basic searches. These suggestions can give you an idea of what type of searches your target market might be performing regularly.


If you want to be more direct with your consumer analysis, you might also consider polling customers. You can use social media, email lists, or your preferred communication method to reach your consumer base. This allows you to get direct insight into the search intents and queries of your customers. That information can be used to tailor SEO keywords for them.

Keyword Tool

The internet is filled with keyword tools and services that can help you analyze your keywords in depth. A very basic tool for this is Google Trends, which lets you see trending topics related to certain keywords. This allows you to stay on top of industry trends and see what your customers might already be searching for.

More in-depth keyword tools can be used to analyze potential keywords as well as the success of your SEO keyword campaigns. Again, there is more to using keywords successfully than simply filling your page with targeted phrases. Your keywords need to be used effectively, and they should always be attached to an engaging landing page. This is because, when it comes to SEO, keywords are just one part of a larger strategy.

Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of legwork. You need to be proactive, knowledgeable, savvy and have a very user-friendly website. Ideally, your keyword analysis is part of a complete SEO package. At aiCommerce, our detailed keyword research and analysis provide the foundation for our full-suite digital marketing services.

More About aiCommerce

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