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Competitive Analysis

aiCommerce has years of experience conducting in-depth competitive analysis for brands across many industries.  Our combination of best-in-class market research and competitive analysis tools combined with process expertise allow us to help brands understand the lay of the land and enter (or improve) within their respective selling space with the highest probability of success.


What is Competitive Analysis?

In order to grow business, you need to know who your competitors are.  You also need to understand what they’re doing and how that affects the market as a whole.  This is where competitive analysis comes in.  It’s an important tool for every brand because it gives you a chance to see what other sellers are doing right and wrong – and then use that information to improve your own brand’s performance.

Why is Conducting Competitive Analysis important?

Competitive analysis is a critical part of your business and can help you:

  • Understand market size, competitive share, and opportunity size
  • Make decisions about product development and marketing plans
  • Determine where to best invest resources in order to stay competitive
  • Develop an understanding of competitor positioning, differentiation, strengths, weaknesses, and operations
  • Understand market trends and comparisons on pricing, revenue, content, paid v. organic, media mix, fulfillment, etc.
  • Identify areas for growth within the market via gap analyses
  • Evaluate reseller and wholesale environments
  • Develop a better understanding of what customers want
  • Utilize competitor data to determine the best possible strategies for advertising, pricing, and more
  • Activate against consumer feedback and review opportunities

How Can aiCommerce Help?

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