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Our 2022 Industry Holiday Wish List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As we approach the holiday season and end of 2022, a few employees at aiCommerce wanted to share our industry wish list of things that would make our work lives a little more convenient.  

wish list

“My industry wish for the year is for the vendor-central and seller-central platforms to become more similar.  The two platforms are currently so different, and making them more uniform would make them much easier to navigate.”

-Tim Obarski

tim obarski

“My biggest wish for this year is for Amazon DSP to be more accessible for businesses, even those with smaller budgets.  There’s so much useful information that it could really help mid-size organizations, yet they aren’t able to access it because of the costs associated with it.”

-Jerry Gertes

jerry gertes

“The item at the top of my holiday industry wish list is for Amazon to have a small flag icon for the country of the seller to aid consumers’ purchase decisions.”

-Jeff Campbell

jeff campbell

“My industry wish is for Amazon to update the advertising portal so that in a campaign, the list of search terms used to trigger our ad are clickable to follow the customer’s search path to determine if the terms are relevant to the product or brand.”

-Sandy Woodmansee

sandy woodmansee

“I wish Amazon would let us know the reason why we don’t have a buy box for a product.”

-Calum Ferguson

calum ferguson

“My industry holiday wish is for Google Sheets to launch a pivot chart feature and for there to be a better working relationship  between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel to work across the two systems.”

-Alex Burns

alex burns

“For this year, my industry wish is that Amazon would provide us calculated campaign metrics or custom calculated fields and to be able to save my preferred display in the system.”

-Jay Lorich

jay lorich

“Being relatively new to the industry, I’ve found some training options to be very broad and difficult to understand.  My biggest wish for this year is to have more comprehensive training options for those just entering the industry and trying to find their footing.”

-Krista Becker

krista becker

“My industry wish would be that Amazon Attribution would work with TikTok ads – right now once a user clicks on the attribution link/ad, TikTok scrubs all the tracking links that would enable brand owners to track PDP page visits, cart-adds and sales. TikTok traffic is currently incredibly valuable to Amazon (and therefore brand owners), but many may be discouraged to spend on sending traffic because of the inability to measure the direct effect through attribution alone.”

-Christian Hall

christian hall

What are some things you hope to see in the industry in the new year? As we enter 2023, we are excited to see what new technologies and advancements the new year will bring as industry continues to grow and evolve!

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