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B2C Marketplace Brand Stores

As experienced brand owners, aiCommerce understands what it takes for a brand to successfully launch across marketplaces.  With extensive experience on marketplace best practices, marketplace data analysis, customer segmentation, and backed by a 90-day grow-and-know guarantee, aiCommerce is committed to helping you grow your brand.

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What are Marketplace Brand Stores?

Brand stores within marketplaces serve as a distinctive storefront enabling brands to present their diverse catalog in a manner reminiscent of a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) website, but housed within the expansive ecosystem of a marketplace. These virtual spaces go beyond mere product displays, acting as a canvas for brands to artfully portray their identity and narratives. In these brand stores, the spotlight is on crafting a compelling brand story, emphasizing key hero products, curated collections, or specific categories through dedicated store pages. This innovative approach fosters a more immersive and personalized shopping experience for consumers, seamlessly integrating the brand’s essence into the broader marketplace landscape. As a result, these brand stores become pivotal tools for brands seeking to establish a unique presence, forge deeper connections with their audience, and drive sales in the competitive online marketplace arena.

Why are Brand Stores Important?

Allow you to develop ads to target different levels of the sales funnel, often with lower costs-per-click than other ad types due to lower adoption rates among sellers.

Customers can add to cart without having to go through a product detail page, enhancing the customer click journey and decreasing dwell time.

Brand stores bring traffic to your store page with no competitor advertisements displayed, and the overall shopping experience is streamlined and more convenient for the customer. 

How Can aiCommerce Help?

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