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Multi-Channel DTC Strategy

Built and operated by eCommerce veterans and experts, aiCommerce has broad experience across the entire Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), wholesale, and Business to Business (B2B) landscape.  Our team is full of brand owners and operators with robust experience in developing and deploying successful multi-channel strategies, backed by our 90 day grow-and-know guarantee.


What is a Multi-Channel DTC Strategy?

A multi-channel strategy involves brands selling through multiple channels, including email marketing, marketplaces, social commerce, search, Google shopping, chat sales, in-app shopping and DTC websites.  This type of strategy meets customers at every level of the sales funnel from awareness to action, and nurtures the customer along their journey.

Why is Having a Multi-channel DTC strategy important?

Blending the sales approach by utilizing multiple channels increases the likelihood of conversion because customers are provided with multiple touchpoints and opportunities to engage with the brand.

40% of brands selling on 1 channel report an average market share increase of 1%, whereas brands selling on 7 or more channels report a 70% market share increase.  Diversifying the channels you’re selling through expands your brand reach to new customers and demographics, allowing your market share to increase.

Customer tend to have preferred channels to make their purchases, and 40% of customers will purchase from a competitor if they can’t use their preferred channel to make a purchase.  By expanding across different channels, there is less of a risk to lose customers to competition.

By diversifying your channels, your brand can reach a wider audience and insulate against market fluctuations and channel disruptions.

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