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Selling to Retailers

aiCommerce helps retailers increase visibility and revenue across channels.  With our strategic branding expertise, we will help your brand launch across marketplaces and in retail stores as well, maximizing your potential for brand growth and sales.

What Does it Mean to Sell to Retailers?

Selling to retailers means that a brand is offering its products to be sold in retail stores or online marketplaces that are owned by other businesses. The brand would typically produce the products, and then the retailer would purchase them from the brand at a wholesale price and then sell them to consumers at a retail price, often making a profit in the process.


The process of selling to retailers can involve negotiating pricing, delivery and payment terms, as well as marketing and promotion strategies. The brand may also need to provide the retailer with information about the products, including product descriptions, specifications, and images, to help the retailer market and sell the products effectively.


Once the brand has sold its products to the retailer, it is up to the retailer to handle the inventory management, merchandising, and sales processes. The brand may continue to work with the retailer to ensure that its products are properly marketed and displayed in the store or online marketplace, and to provide ongoing support as needed.  Most brands want to promote their products online via Retail Media Networks or other paid advertising to increase sales and additional purchase orders. 

Why Should You Be Selling to Retailers?

By selling to retailers, brands can make their products available to a wider audience.  Retailers typically have a broader reach and can help brands access new markets and customers that they may not have been able to reach otherwise.

When a brand’s products are sold in a retail store, it can help increase brand awareness and visibility.  Customers who may not have been familiar with the brand before can discover it while shopping in the store.

Being sold in established retail stores can also help lend credibility to a brand.  It shows that the brand is trusted by the retailers and has met certain standards and requirements.

Selling to retailers can also help increase a brand’s sales.  Retailers often have a large customer base and can help a brand reach more customers, resulting in higher sales and revenue.

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