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What’s New from Amazon?

Amazon unBoxed 2022 Highlights

Last week at their unBoxed conference in New York City, Amazon announced multiple new technologies they are launching to continue to make their platforms more customer-centric and move the eCommerce world forward.

Self-Service Sponsored Display Video Campaigns

With Amazon’s new video creative via Sponsored Display, brands are able to showcase products through tutorials, testimonials, and more both on and off of Amazon!  This new technology empowers smaller and emerging brands to create video advertisements more easily, is available globally, and the results can be measured with standard Sponsored Display metrics!

Rewarded Sponsored Display

Rewarded Sponsored Display is a new technology coming soon to U.S. advertisers. Brands will be able to add an Amazon shopping credit directly to the Sponsored Display creative, and customers receive the reward by clicking on the ad and purchasing the featured product.

Digital Signage Ads in Amazon DSP

Starting November 2022, eligible US advertisers will be able to take advantage of physical in-store ads (e.g. in-aisle TVs)  via managed service, making it easier for brands to advertise within Amazon Fresh stores. With Digital Signage Ads in Amazon DSP, brands can now purchase ads programmatically, and this technology gives them more flexibility and control over where their ads are featured.


These new ad campaigns can be scheduled based on store location, by day-part, or by location of the digital signage within the store. Using Digital Signage Ads helps increase brand visibility and creates a wider variety of in-store ads, enhancing the customer shopping experience as well. 

Amazon Creative Services

This technology will allow advertisers to discover, compare, and directly book with trusted service providers to create impactful Sponsored Brand, Streaming TV, and Sponsored Display videos.  Using Amazon Creative Services will simplify the creative production process and enable more multi-channel or upper-funnel marketing.  It is also free to use with no minimum commitments.

Streaming TV Incremental Reach

A reporting solution giving brands an opportunity to measure the audience reached through Streaming TV campaigns and reaching a potential monthly audience of over 135 million people in the United States! 

Innovations for Customer Success

  • Thursday Night Football streams exclusively on Prime Video and Twitch.  This allows advertisers to reach a younger and more engaged audience, and Amazon’s first-party insights provide advertisers with new opportunities to re-engage fans.
  • Fire TV customers in the US can use the IMDb What to Watch app for a series of fun, interactive mini-games and quizzes to help decide what to stream.  Also offering in-app sponsorships such a Quick Draw game sponsorship so that brands can be front and center as viewers find new content.
  • Interactive video and audio ads feature multiple customer call-to-action options, including “Add to cart,” “Add to list,” “Buy this,” and “Shop now.”  For brands not selling on Amazon, a “Send me more” option has been added to allow customers to receive information via email or through a QR code.
  • The Amazon Freevee Welcome Screen gives advertisers an opportunity to show their brands on the Freevee launch screen as customers launch the app on Fire TV.

Overall, Amazon unBoxed was a well organized, well attended show with many solid announcements and learnings. It’s clear Amazon wants to connect ads with consumers at all stages of their purchase journey, on and off Amazon. While it was exciting to hear more about the strategic data and planning capabilities (as shown below), it was unfortunate to learn that the majority of these enhancements are connected only to their DSP product. With $30-50k/month DSP minimums, most attendees felt that platform was out of reach, despite the focused improvements.

amazon unboxed
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