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An Overview of Amazon Custom

As the online shopping landscape evolves, Amazon remains the biggest player in the game.


It’s no mystery why—the massive online marketplace is king at adapting to shoppers’ behaviors while attracting businesses to list and sell products via the world’s most accessible retail store. For Amazon sellers, standing out in an oversaturated market has become their biggest challenge on a daily basis.


For any aiCommerce Amazon sellers with products that can be personalized, Amazon Custom can help you take your business to the next level. Products with customization options cater to a larger audience, increase sales, and build a bigger customer base. 


Sellers: Let Amazon Personalize Your Products


Amazon Custom is a listing feature that allows sellers to offer customization and personalization options for the products in their storefronts.


Let’s say a business sells jewelry, T-shirts, and blankets on Amazon. Once the seller signs up for the Amazon Custom program, a flashy yellow “Customize Now” button is added to the brand’s individual product pages, notifying customers that they can personalize the item that they want to purchase. 


Personalization includes adding text, selecting custom fonts, and uploading images to be printed on any product with the “Customize” button. 


Images can be personal–say a customer wants to add a family photograph to a blanket and give it as a gift to a special family member. 


Personalization can also be achieved in a variety of professional ways. Perhaps a small business wants to get their logo printed on their employees’ T-shirts, notebooks for meetings, or foam footballs to give out at trade shows for more brand exposure. 


This level of customization will attract more shoppers to your products, increasing sales and product reviews, and ranking your products higher in Amazon’s search results.


Why Sellers Should Leverage the Amazon Custom Program 


The higher your products rank in Amazon’s search results, the more exposure your products will receive. The more shoppers that visit your product pages will naturally lead to more sales…do you see where we’re going with this? 


Amazon Custom operates as a store within Amazon, so any customizable products are available to purchase within the Amazon marketplace. 


Simply put, when a shopper searches for “cotton blanket” or “personalize a T-shirt,” your products may be listed there. 


Currently, the categories available for Amazon Custom include apparel, furniture, toys, jewelry, sports, office products, and pets. 


If you’re a seller with customizable products and are struggling to find new customers, the Amazon Custom program is worth exploring. 


aiCommerce for Amazon Sellers 


Most sellers on Amazon will agree that they are competing in a highly-saturated market, with new competition popping up every day. 


For small businesses with a unique product offering, Amazon Custom provides additional opportunities to boost revenue, hit your sales goals, and enhance the exposure of your product listings and your business.

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