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Building a Brand & Creating Awareness on Amazon

One of the most critical factors to be successful in Amazon selling is building a brand. It may seem like sellers are out there just throwing products up and they are flying off the virtual shelf, but this is typically not the case. 


Sellers are taking the time in building a brand that people recognize, trust, and value over competitors who are not doing the same. Fortunately, there are a multitude of ways to speed up the process of building a brand. 

Check out the recommendations on how to build a brand below. 

Building a Brand with Quality Products

The first and foremost factor in building a brand is to not cut corners when it comes to the product. 


When choosing a product and ordering from a supplier, keeping the quality high should always be a consideration. Do not choose a supplier or product purely based on price or availability, as cheap or undesirable products are an easy way to fail in Amazon selling


Customers will be quick to voice how cheap the product is or if it continues to break or fall apart. This goes further than just a quality product, as the time and investment should also be put into designing and creating quality packaging for the product. These are factors that buyers will notice and keep them coming back for more. 

The Importance of a carefully crafted amazon listing

Another factor that cannot be skimped on when selling on Amazon is creating a well crafted listing for the product. There are several aspects that go into a good listing, including:


  • Photos – The photos should be high quality, display the product and features well, and be the right resolution for Amazon’s standards. Product photos will be the first thing people are looking at, which is why they need proper attention. 

  • Title – The title for a good Amazon listing needs to contain well ranked keywords that will make the listing show up in searches, but it also needs to be readable. People are likely to shy away from an unreadable jumbled mess of just keywords. 

  • Bullet Points and Description – Just like the title, the bullet points and description on a listing should contain keywords, but it needs to be well written under SEO guidelines as well for the best results. 

Use Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon brand registry is a good way to give a product and business a boost on Amazon. It helps protect the businesses intellectual property and products, but it unlocks significant bonuses for crafting a listing page, including additional photos in the description and a better layout design. 


If a seller wants to get this done as fast as possible, they can use Amazon’s IP accelerator program.

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