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Building a Brand

With decades of experience, the aiCommerce team is well-equipped to help grow brands and maximize their profitability.  The experts at aiCommerce will help you build your brand and increase visibility and sales across channels.

How Can Brand Building Be a Problem?

Brand building takes time and effort.  It can take years for a brand to become well-established and recognized by consumers. This can be especially challenging for businesses that are operating in highly competitive industries.  Additionally, brand building can be expensive, particularly for small businesses and startups that have limited resources. Developing a strong brand identity requires significant investment in advertising, marketing, and public relations, which can be a major financial burden.  Along with this comes the risk of inconsistency.  If a brand is not consistent in its messaging, design, and overall image, it can create confusion among consumers. Inconsistencies in branding can cause consumers to lose trust in the brand and may lead to negative perceptions.  Finally, with constantly changing market and consumer trends, brands need to be able to adapt to these changes to remain relevant. If a brand fails to keep up with the changing times, it may become outdated and lose relevance with its target audience.  Brand building can be a complex process that requires a significant investment of time and resources. While a strong brand can provide many benefits, businesses need to be aware of the potential challenges and risks.

How Can aiCommerce Help You With Brand Building?

Brand Awareness Advertising

What is Brand Awareness Advertising?

Brand awareness advertising is a marketing strategy aimed at increasing the recognition of a brand among potential customers.  The goal of this type of advertising is to create an association between the brand and its products or services in the minds of consumers.

How aiCommerce Can Help

  • Advertising Management
  • Multi-Channel Strategy & Consulting
  • Account Audits & Due Diligence
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advertising on marketplaces

Channel Expansion

What is Channel Expansion?

Amazon is only the beginning, although too many brands stop there.  While a multi-channel strategy can be overwhelming, many brands find Amazon alternatives to be more efficient and targeted.  Selecting and launching new eCommerce channels requires market intelligence, strategy, and financial considerations.

How aiCommerce Can Help

  • Multi-Channel DTC Strategy
  • B2B Marketplaces

Selling to Retailers

Why Should You Sell to Retailers?

In this type of relationship, brands/manufacturers/distributors will sell their products to retailers in bulk at wholesale prices – typically receiving purchase orders on a consistent basis.  This gives brands access to sales funnel expansion and an in-store brand presence.

How aiCommerce Can Help

  • Launch on Marketplaces 1P/B2B
  • Retail Media Ad Services
  • Retailer Relationships
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