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How Amazon “Buy With Prime Buttons” Will Impact The Sales Of Your DTC Site

Millions of Amazon Prime members enjoy a myriad of Prime benefits in many areas of their life on a daily basis. It covers entertainment— streaming videos, movies, podcasts, and more.

It offers fast and free delivery, allowing you to get the things you need more conveniently than ever before. It also provides the added benefit of exceptional customer service— attentive and accommodating representatives, seamless checkout processes, and hassle-free returns. 

Amazon prides itself on giving Prime members the broadest possible selection, lowest prices, and the best online shopping experiences. 

The juggernaut has recently rolled out a new initiative for merchants to offer “Buy With Prime” if they currently ship products using Amazon’s warehouse and delivery services, known as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). The launch of this option incentivizes merchants because the trusted Amazon Prime logo on their products has the potential to increase traffic, revenue, and subsequent profit. This is because Prime is often synonymous with fast, free delivery and a checkout experience shoppers know and trust.

Amazon has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure to help small and medium-sized merchants offer Prime shopping benefits on Taking advantage of these benefits that come with Prime will help elevate them to reach new customers and grow their businesses. Buy with Prime is currently invite-only for merchants who utilize FBA. Once invited, the selected merchants will have the capability to add “Buy With Prime” buttons to their sites immediately because their inventory is already stored in Amazon fulfillment centers.  This will let Prime subscribers buy from these stores directly while enjoying free shipping, next-day delivery, and free returns.

Merchants who are interested in offering Buy with Prime on their DTC store can join the interest list for updates on future opportunities. What’s on the horizon, however, is an opportunity for DTC merchants to offer Prime benefits no matter where they choose to sell their goods. Using FBA isn’t expected to be a requirement for long. This opportunity allows customers to activate their Prime benefits even when shopping on non-Amazon ecommerce sites. Invitations for this opportunity are expected to roll out throughout the year. 

How “Buy With Prime” Works

“Buy with Prime” is a new way to extend Prime shopping benefits to merchants’ own online stores, making Prime membership more valuable all around. Merchants who are invited to participate in this new initiative can set up their accounts quickly and seamlessly by following these simple steps:

  • Create your account using your business details.
  • Set up “Buy with Prime” by linking your Seller Central and Amazon Pay Accounts to Buy with Prime.
  • Import your existing Amazon product catalog information.
  • Select which products to offer with the Prime logo and delivery promise.
  • Copy and paste the code for the Buy with Prime button into your existing site.

“Buy With Prime” simplifies fulfillment by using your existing inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers and converts shoppers more easily by displaying the trusted Prime logo. These benefits offer DTC businesses great opportunities, but they don’t come for free. Amazon will charge various fees to offer “Buy With Prime” buttons on their sites. The good news is that there is no fixed subscription fee or long-term contract to use this feature, so merchants have the freedom to cancel at any time.

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