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What Is “BSR” And Why Should I Care?

BSR is short for “Best Sellers Rank.” BSR is a score that specifies where a specific  Amazon product ranks within the categories and subcategories under particular listings. BSR is determined using historical and recent sales data. 

Suppose you are new to selling on Amazon, understanding the difference between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and organic ranking. Your product’s BSR is how well it ranks in sales. Your product’s organic ranking relates to how the product ranks on a search engine results page (SERP) for a specific keyword. Your product’s position on Amazon SERP is not connected to your product’s current Amazon BSR. 


Understanding The Ins And Outs Of Amazon BSR


The Amazon algorithm automatically calculates a BSR based on the number of sales of given product hourly. The score is awarded once a product has had at least one deal. In addition to the current sales day, it also factors in the historical sales data. BSR is sales rate specific. So, your rating score isn’t influenced by product reviews. Instead, it indicates how your product ranks compared to other products in the same category on the Amazon e-commerce platform. It’s a good metric to pay attention to because it measures how well your product sells. You can use it to strategize your marketing priorities and decide where to focus your energy. It can certainly help you gauge the future successes of certain products over the competition. 

If you want to dive deeper into Amazon BSR, you can find all the relevant information on the Amazon Best Sellers page. In addition, you can quickly access the most popular and sought-after products and filter them by category.

Simply put, the lower a product’s BSR, the higher its sales. For example, a product with a #1 has higher sales than a product ranked #100. A key difference to note is that a product’s BSR is category-specific. It changes from one category to the next. Amazon has a wide range of categories and subcategories, often overlapping. As a result, consumers can find the same products across multiple categories/subs. So, for example, a product on Amazon can have a BSR of 10 in Kitchen & Dining, while the same effect can have an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of 100 in Home & Kitchen. 


What Is The BSR Meaning & How Can I Optimize It?


The BSR meaning is synonymous with sales. So, if you want to improve your product’s searchability and get conversions, you need to optimize your Amazon listings. You can upgrade your content and hone in on SEO keywords to give you an edge. Below is a list of 3 high-level tips to get your listings up to par and your products poised for sales. 

1: Competitive Pricing  

Do your research. Find out who your competitors are and how they are strategizing. If you are competitive, you’ll increase your chances of making sales. Higher sales lead to a better BSR for your product. 

2: Improve Visuals

Capturing the eye of the consumer is key in making conversions. As an e-commerce shopper, your customer only has your listing images to decide if your product is worthy of a try. Therefore, ensure that your pictures are of exceptional quality. They should be clear and professional looking. Multiple images and angles will help point out unique features and functionality.  .

3: Include Video 

Video content creates a sensory-rich experience for consumers. Video ads can use action, color schemes, music or special sound features, and more to appeal to the audiences’ senses. Attracting attraction and associating it with specific sensory triggers is an excellent strategy for conversions and, ultimately, better BSR. 

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