Five Recommended Ecommerce Priorities for 2022

What a year 2021 was! According to eMarketer, Amazon represented ~41% of US ecommerce sales in 2021, with Walmart as #2. Amazon also represented 12% of the digital advertising market. Driven by continued ecommerce growth, advertising ROI, growing competition from brands, and increased focus on upper-funnel ads, “the roaring 20s” will continue to expand Retail… Continue reading Five Recommended Ecommerce Priorities for 2022

The Importance of Amazon Product Research

Why Advertising Off Amazon Helps Your Amazon Business

How to Make A Product Retail Ready to Sell on Amazon

Retail readiness is vital for ad campaigns and ensures that you get the best return for your investment in advertising, while making your product pages appealing to buyers.

5 Keys to Selling on Amazon in 2021