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Yardline Webinar with Jeff Campbell

Get the latest profitability tips and tricks from Jeff Campbell

aiCommerce President Jeff Campbell recently spoke at the Yardline webinar: Leveraging Technology and Sharpening Margins to Navigate Through Industry Headwinds alongside other industry leaders. The webinar focused on how to grow your business despite current economic turbulences and featured speakers from numerous companies.


Listen in to hear what he had to say about retail media and some tips and tricks to improve your profitability!

Interested in hearing more?  You can see Jeff featured on the Modern Merchants podcast from May 2022.  Listen in to his podcast appearance here to gain more insights and industry knowledge.  

Interested in learning more about how aiCommerce Can help you grow your eCommerce business?

aiCommerce can help you grow your eCommerce business.  With decades of experience, the experts at aiCommerce promise you will see improvements in your business in 90 days with our grow and know guarantee. To learn more or to qualify for a free audit, click the button below. 

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